Albert and his parents visit a local pet shop looking for a pet. Puppies? Kittens? Bunnies? Lizards? Fish? Snakes? Which will be the perfect pet for Albert?

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"Every child asks for a pet atleast once throughout their childhood and it can be tough conversation when you go to explain why some animals may not be the best pet for your child. I ran across a children's book named ALBERT'S PERFECT PET that's about finding the perfect pet in a store full of many different pets. ALBERT'S PERFECT PET is a wonderful children's book about a little boy who decides that he wants a pet of his own, just like his friend. His parents agree that he would be a great pet owner so off to the pet store they went. While at the pet store, Albert learns about the responsibilities of many different pets and finally finds the perfect one. This is a great for helping kids understand the responsibilities of owning a pet and how each pet have different needs. ALBERT'S PERFECT PET is a wonderful book for children who are starting to ask for their own pet but don't completely understand what's expected from a new pet owner. Kids will learn about pet responsibilities as well as enjoy the story of Albert's trip to the pet store to choose his perfect pet."
~ reviewed by Autumn Banks for FaerieFly

"My third grade class and I were very lucky to have Donna Zappala, the author of ALBERT'S PERFECT PET come in and read as a guest author. The children thoroughly enjoyed journeying along with Albert as he chose his perfect pet. Not only is it an entertaining story, but it is also a wonderful way to introduce a science unit on warm blooded verses cold blooded animals.  ALBERT'S PERFECT PET is a fantastic addition to any classroom, school or home library."
~ reviewed by Michelle Conforti, Third Grade Teacher in Berkeley Township, NJ [FIVE STARS]

"Albert's Perfect Pet is the perfect book for students of all ages to read. As a mom and a teacher I found many good teaching points.  As a teacher I loved the factual information on cold blooded animals. This a 4th grade science objective in the state I teach in, so I will be passing this book along to my fellow teachers. As a mom of a kindergarten student I enjoyed the repetitive text. As I read it to my son he started to read with me because the words repeated like many Eric Carlisle books do. This is a great book for all ages. It is entertaining and children of all ages can make connections on different levels.  I will be using this book in my home and my classroom."
~ reviewed by  Jennifer Packard, 5th Grade Teacher from Charlotte NC

"ALBERT'S PERFECT PET is a fun read for children and adults to share. Albert, a young boy would like to get a pet, and this book takes you through the decision process on finding the perfect pet. This book teaches children how to make important decisions and includes the parents in the discussion, while allowing Albert to make the final choice.  Albert learns in a fun way about the necessary care for different types of pets including cold blooded animals. Readers and young children will enjoy the interaction opportunities, whether it is counting the animals, pointing out the different colors of the pets, or asking lots of questions! This book will be asked to be read over and over again by your child!"
~ reviewed by Heather Andolsen, Supervising Librarian for the Ocean County Public Library

"ALBERT'S PERFECT PET is a well written early childhood story that focuses on the ability to choose and care for a pet.  Not only does the author describe the mammals in this story with enough detail that the children can 'feel' the warmth of the pets Albert first experiences, she juxtaposes cold-blooded pets' needs with a fantastic ease of language. I was also impressed with the relationship between the illustrations and the written word. The pictures add to the readability of this wonderful children's book. It provides the young reader with enough visual detail to decode the words that may be challenging for a young reader. As a Media Specialist, I am thrilled to have discovered a fiction book that creatively depicts the search and discovery of a 'perfect pet', while at the same time giving the early reader nonfiction facts about cold blooded animals. I am very happy to have this book as a new addition to my library."
~ reviewed by Amanda Dierking, Media Specialist [FIVE STARS]

"What a wonderful book! As a preschool teacher for the past 18 years, we are always looking for books that deal with real life issues. It was great to see that in this book. We loved that when Albert was given a choice, he was patient enough to make a choice that was good for him, not just pick a pet because he could have one. I like that I can use ALBERT'S PERFECT PET as a lesson on patience and responsibility. Congratulations to Ms. Zappala on a great subject and a wonderful book!"
~ reviewed by Debbie Trotta, Administrator for Smart Start Preschool [FIVE STARS]

"This charming picture book tells the story of Albert's challenge to find just the right pet for himself. Parents, educators, and children will appreciate how much information regarding caring for cold-blooded pets is presented. ALBERT'S PERFECT PET is very creative and provides educators and parents a great opportunity to discuss animals and pet ownership."
~ reviewed by Jennifer Gordon, High School Media Specialist - Parlin, NJ

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