Giants Fall
Secret of the Crystal Dragon
Toh's Saga
Second Sight
Rosi's Time
Rosi's Company
Rosi's Castle
Other Worlds
Resurrection of the Hellcat
Orpheus and Eurydice
Musk Rain
Prairie Fire
Papoose City
The Journal of Amos Hannah
Horizon Strife
Horizon Shift
Horizon Dynasty
Flight of the Hellcat
The Elf Queen
The Elf Mage
The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane
The Ghost of the Frozen North
The Ghosts of Stony Manor
Hector and Achilles
Elizabeth Bathory
The Elf Guardian
The Elf Child
Earth Magic
Dragon's Den
Dragon's Blood
Cosmic Sculpture
Court of Honor
The Doctor's Daughters
Cowboy Sweethearts
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DFP Books
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Fiction and Non-Fiction (rated G to PG)

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DFP Books is the genre fiction and non-fiction label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. (DFP). See the title pages for awards, blurbs, ISBNs, reviews, sales links, and more.

All fiction titles are available in paperback, casebound hardback, and ebook (both Kindle and EPUB). Some non-fiction titles are available in ebook in addition to print.

Juvenile Fiction titles are rated G for ages 2-7. Young Adult titles are rated G to PG for ages 13-18 and up. Drama titles are rated PG. Non-Fiction titles are primarily history and biography. Adult genre fiction titles are rated PG and include: Fantasy / Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance / Western Romance, and Science Fiction / Space Opera.
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