Izzy’s eight hatchlings have grown into healthy and playful diamondback terrapins. However, the one male struggles with being the smallest in the bunch. To find the answer, he asks everyone he meets this question: "Why am I the smallest?"

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"I thought IZZY'S HATCHLINGS was great. The storyline is so cute and my daughter loved the illustrations. The information provided in the story was new to us. We learned facts about diamondback terrapins in a very creative style. This is the first book of the series that I read to my daughter and she loved it! I look forward to reading more books in the series."
~ Tim Mullin [FIVE STARS]

"My two sons and I love this book!!! Not only does it show my youngest that he's not the only one who feels like he's the smallest kid ever but it also helps my oldest to understand how his younger brother is feeling. It's just a great read for all, plus we LOVE TURTLES!"
~ reviewed by Colin Woerz [FIVES STARS]

"IZZY'S HATCHLINGS is the latest in the series, and it won't disappoint! Young readers will LOVE getting to meet Izzy's new children, especially the very loveable Sal! :) As in previous books in this series, in addition to being a great and captivating story, readers will learn the differences between male and female terrapins. As all of the books in this series do, IZZY'S HATCHLINGS will both entertain and educate young readers. I bought the entire set for my the school's library where I work, and I've been told by the librarian that Izzy's Hatchlings was a huge hit! Educational. Fun. And captivates young readers' attentions! I'm just sad this is the last book in the series...unless...maybe? Highly recommend it! Perfect for science lessons for younger grades too!"
~ reviewed by Jennifer L. DeGregory [FIVE STARS]

"IZZY'S HATCHLINGS is adorable! So cute. I love that my kids learn at the same time. Illustrations are awesome as well!"
~ reviewed by Michelle Schneider [FIVE STARS]

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