Robert, the youngest rabbit in a large family, complains that he is the last to do everything, from brushing his teeth in the morning to being chosen to play baseball. But when he is confronted by a bully after school one afternoon, he learns there are also good things about being the youngest.

8.5x11 Color Hardback [EAN 978-0-9755888-1-9 | ISBN 0-9755888-1-8] 24 pages color | Retail: $19.99 or less ||
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8x10 Coloring Book [EAN 978-1-941278-49-9 | ISBN 1-941278-49-3] 40 page black/white | $6.99 or less ||
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"LAST, BUT NOT LEAST teaches the important values of patience and taking turns. A family in my church with seven young daughters could benefit from reading a story like this."
~ Shanna Bartlett Groves

"An adorable book for those youngsters with older siblings."
~ Chaos Arts Reviews

"Robert Eugene Rabbit is the youngest of thirteen boy rabbits. Because he is the youngest, he is last to do everything.  Robert thinks that stinks big time, until something happens that changes his mind. This book was wonderful.  It is written on a level that allows young children to grasp what is going on in the book easily. My 4 year old sympathized, deeply, with Robert. The illustrations were beautiful and kept my son interested and excited.  I think my son said it best: "Robert learned that last is sometimes the most special place to be because there are more people to love you." The point of the story was easily grasped and well delivered.  My son has already made me promise to read it to him every night."
~ Keely Skillman for Coffee Time Romance [FOUR STARS]

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Written and Illustrated by
Chet Taylor
Children's Picture Book (G) 24 pages color
[2004] from
Kittycat Books