Winner of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc.'s 2008 Best Book of Fiction trophy award, OTHER WORLDS presents a collection of five fantasy stories meant to challenge the reader's perception of reality. A young mother fights to save her child from a disturbing future society. A matchmaking ghost meddles in a young woman's love life. A cynical teenage runaway encounters the shadowy line dividing life, death, and love. An upscale bag lady enters an alternate world and meets her alter ego. An animal rights activist meets her match when the King of Faerie threatens to banish Earth to a faraway dimension.

Library Hardback [B&N EAN 978-1-941278-31-4 | ISBN 1-941278-31-0] / [Lulu EAN 978-0-9787421-2-6 | ISBN 0-9787421-2-5] 6x9 Casebound (96 pages) B/W Illustrated | Retail: $19.99 ||
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Trade Paperback [EAN 978-0-9787421-3-3 | ISBN 0-9787421-3-3] 5.5x8.5 trim (116 pages / illustrated) Average Retail: $9.99 ||
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eBooks [EAN 978-0-9801376-9-9 | ISBN 0-9801376-9-1] EPUB and Kindle (illustrated) | Retail: $4.99 ||
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"DELIGHTFUL AND IMAGINATIVE! This collection of short stories were some of the best I have ever read. From the little 3-year-old Megan, who is bright and talented and psychic -- and whose job it was to change the world for the better, to the ghost that haunted the heroine's house and the pretend ghost buster who had always admired her from afar, to the fairies and their evil king who wanted to take over earth; the magic mirror that pulled the heroine's image from a parallel world to change the future from her dismal future. Brava to Paula Blais Gorgas! I truly enjoyed these and only wish I could learn more about what happens in these worlds! I highly recommend this collection of delightful short stories."
~ reviewed by Norman A. Harchar [FIVE STARS]

"There is a moral to each story in this anthology. Ms. Gorgas has a great talent for putting a unique twist to her stories. She infuses heart and feeling into every page."
~ reviewed by CoffeeTime Romance

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Paula Blais Gorgas
Fantasy Anthology (PG)
116 pages [illustrated]
[2007] from
DFP Books
read excerpt...
Paula Blais Gorgas
Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc.'s 2008 Best Book of Fiction