Read about the life and death of a twentieth century oil town and the formation of the OERB. In August 1923 a gusher blew in, forever changing the lives of an Oklahoma farming community. Witness the birth and death of Papoose City. Experience the discovery of oil and the building of a gasoline plant. Then walk through the process of reclaiming the many acres of land damaged in the search for black gold. Follow the people who lived and worked there. Get to know Mattie who loved to dance, Gertie who worked at the boarding house to be near her sweetheart, and P.J. who picked up rivets to pay for his college education. Meet oilmen Tom Slick, Waite and Frank Phillips, who were instrumental in the development of the Papoose Oilfield. Includes over two dozen photographs (black and white), Table of Contents, and searchable Index.

Paperback [EAN 978-1-936381-30-2 | ISBN 1-936381-30-3] 6x9 Library Trim (80 pages) illustrated B/W | Average Retail Price: $9.99 or less ||
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"As an author of non-fiction books, I'm always looking for other non-fiction to inspire me, and PAPOOSE CITY, The Life and Death of a 20th Century Oil Boomtown has done that. Author Judy Goodspeed began researching and writing the story after listening to her father's tales of Papoose City/Slick City, Oklahoma, during the days of the oil boom in the early 20th century. Goodspeed's personal connection to the stories told here resonates in her interviews with former residents of the tiny area. In their own voices, people who lived through good times and bad recall details of oil discovery, drilling, boom and decline of the affected communities. From Mattie, the girl who loved to dance, to P.J. Primm, who rubbed shoulders with the icons of the new industry, we learn about their lives and loves, their heartbreaks and great successes. This is a small book by current standards, and a fast read illustrated by historic photos. And although it leaves the reader wanting more, it is a terrific 4-Star book. Whether you're a history buff or not, PAPOOSE CITY is definitely a book worth reading."
~ reviewed by Pat Kelley for Roserock Reviews [FOUR STARS]

"PAPOOSE CITY is a slice of American history during the oil boom days of the 1920s.  Readers learn about life in a boom town through the personal narratives of Mattie Muirhead Dillman, Gertie Jones Reed, Billy Bob Richardson, P.J. Primm and others. They talk about daily life, meeting friends, falling in love, the ebb and flow of growth and the tough side of life among roughnecks. Historical photos, maps and other documents are included. PAPOOSE CITY: The Life and Death of a 20th Century Oil Boomtown is unique due to the research involved. Author Judy Goodspeed conducted personal interviews of people who lived in Papoose City, Oklahoma. This book has been in the works for many years. Goodspeed lives in the area and her family's land was once part of Papoose City. Included in the tale, is the damage done to the area from pulling oil out of the ground and the forming of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) to restore the scarred land. Book includes index and bibliography. PAPOOSE CITY is an interesting, well-written read."
~ Desiree Webber, Director of the Mustang Public Library [FIVE STARS]

"PAPOOSE CITY is an amazing reading experience. The book is well written and explores life in the oil boom camps of yesterday. Most of us have heard about these camps, but until now we knew very few facts or details about them. The reader will also feel just how close the families in these camps were, and the many memories that have been indelibly printed on the hearts of the camp's children. Not only is the text first-rate, but the photographs are priceless."
~ Charles W. Leewright (author) [FIVE STARS]

"PAPOOSE CITY is a fascinating look at a short-lived 1920's Oklahoma oil boomtown that includes the birth of the OERB, which now cleans up old abandoned well sites."
~ Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS]

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Judy Goodspeed
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Papoose City
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