"PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO TOWN is a charming book about a mischievous peacock who interrupts a church choir practice. A humorous read with great illustrations."
~ Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

"Pete the Peacock is a curious farm peacock who flies off to the nearby town with funny and loud results. When he begins to disrupt the local church, it is up to his farmer and his peacock wife to save the day. This is a wonderful book for young children with an easy-to-read style and lovely graphics. It is perfect for young children. Pete the Peacock does not overload kids with complex messages. It just gives an entertaining story of exploration and coming home. I loved this book not just because it is such a charming story. Having grown up on a farm with peacocks, it brought back the warmest memories while I was reading it to my younger children. Kids will definitely enjoy reading this book and will be captivated by the illustrations. PETE, THE PEAOCK, GOES TO TOWN is an exceptional book for kids."
~ Anya Khan for Coffee Time Romance

"PETE, THE PEAOCK, GOES TO TOWN  is a beautifully illustrated book that gives personality to the most colorful of bird species, the peacock."
~ Shanna Bartlett Groves

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Written by
Terri Branson
Illustrated by
Chet Taylor
Children's Picture Book
[Rated G for ages 2-7]
22 pages color / 42 pages coloring book
[2005] from
Kittycat Books

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Pete the Peacock flies away from the farm one afternoon and straight into trouble in a nearby town. When he perches atop a local church to listen to the singing, his peacock "calls" wreak havoc on the afternoon choir practice.

Color Hardback [8.5x11 Library] Retail: $19.99 or less
[EAN 978-0-9765786-1-1 | ISBN 0-9765786-1-1]
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Coloring Book [8x10 B/W] Retail: $6.99 or less -
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