Rosi Carol has managed to settle into her Uncle Richardís New England castle, despite having her familyís so-called gift thrust upon her. Rosi has the ability to step through time, which means she also bears the responsibility to be timeís Guardian. Or rather Apprentice Guardian, as her Uncle Richard keeps pointing out. When she and her friends are dragged through a time portal into the past, Rosi must determine not only where they are but when they are and how to restore the timeline.

Paperback [EAN 978-1-936381-27-2 | ISBN 1-936381-27-3] 5.5x8.5 trade trim (246 pages) | Average Retail: $12.99 ||
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"Great young adult read. Very entertaining."
~ reviewed by Allen Gaines [FIVE STARS]

"ROSI'S TIME continues on a path of time travel and adventure. As Rosi uncovers her family legacy she continues to battle with her uncle as to her new duties as a guardian of time. She is a witty and strong minded character. Rosi is one who young females can relate to and feel empowered by her. As she continues on her "hero's quest" so to speak she constantly is challenge by friends, adversaries, and even her uncle. Rosi is a character coming into her own. As many young adults are also gripping with real challenges in their daily lives this story and character can draw parallels on reality and fantasy. There is enough here for pleasure, escape, and to learn lessons even as the reader is transported into another time while still holding on to reality. Eaton has a way of pulling you into his world with his descriptions. Without divulging too much information about the story, it is unique with enough to offer tasty morsels of adventure and intrigue for any reader."
~ reviewed by Mirta Espinola

"ROSI'S TIME is the second installment in the Rosiís Doors series by Edward Eaton. The story of Rosi Carol continues where she dutifully learns to fulfill her role as the Guardian of Time. However, Uncle Richardís antics often frustrate her to no end. Her skill is ultimately tested again when she and her friends are transported to a dangerous era in the past. Without reading the first book, I was delighted that Book 2 was exceptionally readable as a standalone. I was still able to get the background stories on the characters and made some connection to Book 1. Even though this is young adult fiction, this book would do well with older people because unlike most of the YA authors, Edward Eaton put as much realism as he could in the story without crossing the line. The portrayed fighting scenes and injuries are rough; the relationships between the characters are not all sugar and spice but told in a pragmatic way. The wittiness of the dialogues is uplifting. Rosi Carol is an incredibly well-conceived female protagonist, with a good balance of talent, rationality, grit as well as emotive trait. I did enjoy her banters with her uncle."~
reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

"A direct continuation of the first book in this series, ROSI'S CASTLE, this novel [ROSI'S TIME] finds Rosi heart deep in the Revolutionary War, and before its end the reader will have learned an engrossing and amazing amount of detail about freedom, slavery, taxation, that War, and the culture and society of that era. Rosi becomes a captain, leading a batch of rag-tag farmers and smiths and other craftsman, fighting against British Colonial rule, and in the process discovers a village that really doesnít seem to exist, that is unseen until one sees it. Once again, Rosi is acting, or so she hopes, in her capacity as a Guardian of Time tears, yet this may be a tear even Rosi canít repair -- if she can survive the Revolutionary battles. Although ROSI'S TIME can be read as a stand-alone novel, why not pick up the first in the series, ROSI'S CASTLE, as well?  I read them back-to-back and had a wonderful time doing so."
~ reviewed by Mallory Heart Reviews [FIVE STARS]

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Rosi's Doors (Book II)

Edward Eaton
Young Adult Fantasy (PG)
246 pages (79,000 words)
[©2012] Released by
DFP Books

2013 Beach Book Festival Best General Fiction Winner

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