All works must be finished prior to submission and require no more than a light edit. Novel submissions begin with a partial (first three chapters plus prologue, if applicable) and a full synopsis (outline in paragraph form). Works under 50,000 words should be submitted in their entirety. All files must be in proper file format. Send all email inquiries in plain text. Do not send attachments without prior approval. Unsolicited files are deleted unread and spam is reported.

Our standard non-subsidy* contract specifies worldwide publication rights for print editions, digital editions, performance rights, and related synergy products. The author must verify legal ownership of the work in question by providing proof of copyright. We do not offer royalty advances nor work through agents. All contracted authors must be resident USA citizens eighteen years or older with valid USA social security numbers for tax purposes and royalty payment options.
[*Non-subsidy means there are no contract fees.]

Proof of copyright must be provided through US Copyright Office registration certificates (or a copy of the application with the certificate to follow). For copyright forms and information, see the
U.S. Library of Congress at or U.S. Copyright Office at

All print and digital rights must be free to contract. Prior publication information must be submitted, including former publishers, ISBNs, formats, reviews, awards, and distribution of any kind. Copies of all applicable contractual releases and rights reversions must be included before new contracts can be issued.

We do not read simultaneous submissions, i.e. works submitted to multiple publishers at the same time.

Authors must understand both POD (print-on-demand) and ebook marketplaces. Authors must be able to promote their books through personal websites and social media sites. Authors are responsible for obtaining basic editorial book reviews.

Manuscript editing is performed digitally through RTF (Rich Text Format) manuscript files. The author must provide a clean digital file for editing purposes, and must be able to send and receive limited email file attachments during the editing process. Digital files are to be created according to our simple formatting guidelines.

We seek a limited number of genre fiction single author novels, novel series, and anthologies per year. We do not contract multi-author works.
Genres we consider at this time include: Juvenile Fiction (for ages 8-12), Young Adult (for ages 13-18+), Fantasy, Romance, and Science Fiction. Inquire about other genres.

Works should be 25,000 words minimum to 120,000 words maximum. These length requirements are necessary to meet our print and digital production requirements.

All genre fiction works must fall under a standard G or PG rating. This means no graphic content that would mandate an adult R-rating. Young adult books should be as close to a G-rating as possible. We do not take works that contain inflammatory content of any kind, nor do we publish graphic content.

We look for great stories with a strong writing style and good character construction. Fiction novels should be written in simple past tense using either third person deep limited (i.e. one POV character per scene) or first person. Romance novels may be written with floating viewpoint, as long as the "POV switches" are in limited large blocks per sce
ne (preferably no more than two switches per scene). As a general rule, one POV character per scene is preferred. [POV = point-of-view]

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