Did you know that a flock of parrots is called a pandemonium? Or that squirrels plant hundreds of trees a year? Inside WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS, experience a new habitat with every image, while learning unique facts about strange and wonderful creatures to color. Each page offers a level of alternating simplicity and intricacy to provide hours of stress relieving entertainment.

Paperback [EAN 978-1-941278-54-3 | ISBN 1-941278-54-X] 54 pages B/W [54 pages] 8x10 or 8.5x11 B/W interior (54 pages) 25 full page illustrations to color | Listed Retail: $14.99 | Average Price: $7.99 or less ||
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Click here to find painting drawings, taken from inside WILD ANIMAL FUN FACTS, on the Maria Olgesby section inside the Dragonflyzone CafePress shop...

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Written and Illustrated
by Maria Oglesby
Adult Coloring Book [54 pages]
Rated G for all audiences
25 illustrations to color
[2016] from
DFP Books
Wild Animal Fun Facts
Maria Oglesby
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