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BROTHER DRAGON [©2004] Written by Terri Branson and Illustrated by Chet Taylor [Children’s Picture Book (Rated G) 24 pages color] EPPIE 2005 Trophy Winner for Best Children’s Book | Although born a water dragon, all Brother Dragon dreams about is flying among the clouds. But will his wish to fly be granted in time to save his adopted human family? | READ MORE |

COSMIC SCULPTURE [©2003] by Terri Branson [Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology (PG) 204 pages (56,000 words)] EPPIE 2004 Trophy Winner for Best Anthology (in all genres) | COSMIC SCULPTURE includes fourteen science fiction and fantasy stories plus the DRAGON’S DEN novel. Read tales of Mars, Atlantis, dragons, faeries, vampires, reincarnation, and more. Then inside the DRAGON’S DEN on the isolated and icy world of T’Panabar, martial arts master Raza learns he is the key to exposing an illegal mining operation. With treachery afoot at every turn, he must confront the most dangerous dragon incarnate of all, himself. | READ MORE |

COURT OF HONOR [released in 2009] by Paula Blais Gorgas [Young Adult (PG) 136 pages] Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) Golden Heart Award Winner for Best Young Adult Novel | Sixteen-year-old Becky Walden has two big dreams: to become an all-state basketball player and to find a special boy to love. | READ MORE |

EARTH MAGIC [©2001] by Paula Blais Gorgas | Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc.’s Best Juvenile Book of 2002 [Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 156 pages] When Jenna enters an abandoned old house at the top of Violet Hill, she is transported to an alternate world called EARTH ONE where she meets Master Sorcerer Nigel, his young friends, and a telepathic cat named Victor. | READ MORE |

FORESIGHT [©2010] by Sherry D. Ficklin | 2010 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Award for best first full length novel [The Gods of Fate Series #1 | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 176 pages] Protect the box. Control your powers. Defeat Lilith–or else! — All Grace Archer wants to do is graduate from high school and get on with her life, but the Gods of Fate have other ideas. | READ MORE |

THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE [©2014] by Roberta Hoffer | 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 1st Place Winner for Best Chapter Book [Book I of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales | Juvenile Fantasy (G) 62 pages (17,000 words)] Christian Jones Arnook and his mother travel from Alaska to Indiana to meet a wealthy great-grandfather he never knew existed. A ten-year-old boy full of curiosity, Christian immediately checks out the mansion and surrounding grounds. Spooky events at every turn lead him to one conclusion: the estate is haunted and all strange activity seems to start at the old stone bridge. | READ MORE |

GIANTS FALL [©2015 ] by Edward Eaton [Classical Drama (R) 280 pages] New England Book Festival 2015 Runner-Up for Poetry | Love, obsession, revenge, and rage. When the Trojans and the Greeks arrange for a duel between Achilles and Paris to end the war, everyone — including Queen Hecuba and Prince Paris, expect that Achilles will be victorious. | READ MORE |

GRIZZELDA GORILLA [©2007] Written by K. D. Huxman and Illustrated by Pamela Wedel [Children’s Picture Book (Rated G for ages 2-8) 24 pages with full color illustrations on every story page] EPPIE 2008 Winner for Best Children’s Book | When Grizzelda Gorilla’s colorful parasol is broken in a freak accident, she must turn to an activity she dislikes in order to fix it: sewing. | READ MORE |

HECTOR AND ACHILLES [©2013] by Edward Eaton [Dramatic Verse (PG) 210 pages] New England Book Festival 2013 Best Poetry Winner | In the events surrounding the action-packed epic duel of the Trojan War, Hector stoically leaves the safety of his city to face the Greek hero Achilles and certain death. | READ MORE |

OTHER WORLDS [©2007] by Paula Blais Gorgas [Fantasy Anthology (PG) 116 pages illustrated | Available in print and ebook] Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc.’s 2008 Trophy Award Winner for Best Fiction Book | A collection of five fantasy stories meant to challenge the reader’s perception of reality. Includes five original black and while illustrations. | READ MORE |

ROSI’S CASTLE [©2011] by Edward Eaton [Rosi’s Doors Series #1 | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 200 pages] Winner of the New England Book Festival 2013 Best Young Adult Novel | Reader’s Favorite 2012 Silver Award for Best Young Adult Sci-Fi / Fantasy Novel | Orphaned, Rosi Carol is sent to live with her mysterious Uncle Richard in his eerie castle on the New England coast but the castle seems to have a mind of its own. And why can’t her watch keep proper time? | READ MORE |

ROSI’S TIME [©2012] by Edward Eaton [Rosi’s Doors Series #2 | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 246 pages] 2013 Beach Book Festival Best General Fiction Winner | Rosi Carol has managed to settle into her Uncle Richard’s New England castle, despite having her family’s so-called gift of the ability to step through time. When she and her friends are dragged through a time portal into the past, Rosi must figure out where they are, when they are, and how to restore the timeline. | READ MORE |

SECRET OF THE CRYSTAL DRAGON [©2013] by Paula Blais Gorgas [Guardians of the Blue Planet (Book 1) | Young Adult Fantasy (PG) 152 pages] 2013 Readers’ Favorite Finalist for Young Adult – Fantasy/Sci-Fi | While visiting her father in rural Oklahoma, twelve-year-old Myra Goodfellow finds a baby dragon from Kasan, the home planet of the Guardian Dragons of Earth. | READ MORE |

WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I? [©2011] Written by Donna M. Zappala and Illustrated by Marco Serido [Children’s Picture Book (Rated G for ages 2-8) color] EPIC 2012 Best Children’s Book | Izzy is on a quest to figure out just what kind of turtle she is. Is she a turtle, a tortoise, or a terrapin? She travels the estuary, asking every animal she can find, but will anyone be able to answer her question? | READ MORE |

The Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fantasy series by Roberta Hoffer won the Silver Award for Best Chapter Book Series in the 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Titles include: THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE (Book 1) | THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH (Book 2) | THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR (Book 3) |

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