Kittycat Books

Kittycat Books is the children’s picture book label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. Titles are available in ebook (EPUB and Amazon Kindle), hardback, and paperback. Editions vary by title. Click on the below title links to read about each book and to find sales links. | Go to the Kittycat Books Catalog Website |


A BED FOR GEORGE [©2016] by Randy Covert [Book 1]

A HAT FOR GEORGE [©2017] by Randy Covert [Book 3]

A HOME FOR GEORGE [©2017] by Randy Covert [Book 2]

A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS [©2008] by Terri Branson

AL, THE SPOTTED ZEBRA [©2009] by Lori Z. Scott

ALBERT’S PERFECT PET [©2009] by Donna M. Zappala

ALLEY LOO [©2009] by C. E. Walz

BROTHER DRAGON [©2004] by Terri Branson

DRAGON TALK [©2006] by K. D. Huxman

EMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTA [©2013] by Judy Goodspeed

GABBY AND THE TOOTH FAIRY [©2012] by Donna M. Zappala

GRIZZELDA GORILLA [©2007] by K. D. Huxman

IZZY’S CROSSING [©2014] by Donna M. Zappala

IZZY’S HATCHLINGS [©2015] by Donna M. Zappala

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST [©2004] by Chet Taylor

LITTLE LOST LEPRECHAUN [©2005] by Paula Blais Gorgas

MINNIE TO THE RESCUE [©2015] by Roberta Hoffer

NAKITA’S BIG QUESTION [©2014] by Roberta Hoffer

O. O. OCTOPUS [©2008] by Pat Gaines

PERKY TURKEY FINDS A FRIEND [©2006] by Judy Goodspeed

PERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY ADVENTURE [©2008] by Judy Goodspeed

PERKY TURKEY’S PERFECT PLAN [©2005] by Judy Goodspeed

PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO THE ZOO [©2011] by Terri Branson

PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO TOWN [©2005] by Terri Branson

SADDLE UP [©2007] by Judy Goodspeed

SCOOTER’S WORLD [©2013] by Terri Branson

SWAMP LULLABY [©2010] by C. E. Walz


THE PERFECT PURPLE PRESENT [©2007] by Paula Blais Gorgas

TYLER ON THE MOON [©2005] by Terri Branson

WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK [©2015] by Terri Branson

WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I? [©2011] by Donna M. Zappala